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Founded in 1975 at the request of men incarcerated in New York's Green Haven prison, Alternatives to Violence Project builds on the belief that there exists in each of us an inborn power for peacemaking.

Working in prisons and in the community, Omaha AVP empowers people to lead nonviolent lives through affirmation, respect, cooperation, trust, and conflict resolution skills. AVP builds on every person’s innate power to positively transform themselves and the world.

Since 1975 AVP has conducted over 15,000 AVP workshops across the United States introducing Transforming Power to and impacting over 250,000 lives and the communities where they live.  AVP International is active in more than two dozen countries.

Transforming Power

is at the heart of AVP transforming lives

"Transforming Power is a very simple concept that while easily explained, is much harder to put into practice. I like to reduce the concept to choosing to act instead of react."  read more
Kinetic Ken

Personal Transforming Power videos & stories

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Omaha Alternatives to Violence Project at all levels of participation and/or volunteerism welcomes people of all ages, religions, races, ethnicities, criminal histories, sexual orientations, genders, national origins, language preferences, abilities and limitations, ancestry, medical conditions, marital statuses, and life experiences.

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